NEW CD / ONLINE 2019 with song cycles by Hanne Tofte Jespersen a.o.:
Gitta-Maria Sjöberg & Polina Fradkina:  På Gjennomreise / Passing Through
Works for soprano and piano by Modest Musorgskij, Matti Borg and Hanne Tofte Jespersen (Micropascal 2019).



HVIS LANDET KUNNE TALE / IF THE LAND COULD TALK - 8 works, each approx. 25 min., music and lyrics by
Hanne Tofte Jespersen 2014-17.

Hanne Tofte Jespersen is represented on :
Linköbing Student Singers' Composition Award 2016 (Spotify 2018)


latest CD exclusively with music by Hanne Tofte Jespersen:

CD Music for the Mysteries - The Testimony of Melangell - MERIDIAN RECORDS release Oct 2012
Recorded June 2012 in Cph by Meridian Rec., sound engineer Richard Hughes, executive producer Bent-Erik Rasmussen
16 p illustrated BOOKLET includes all lyrics plus composer's and author's notes.

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also available: MUSIC FOR THE MYSTERIES' 1st CD

CD Music for the Mysteries - The Seven Natures - TUTL FKT043 release Sept 2009
Recorded at Kongegaarden by Pitch & Time Productions, mixed & mastered by Thomas Li at MyRoomStudio in Cph.
BOOKLET includes all lyrics and background notes

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Hosianna - 7 songs for childrens' choir (scores for choir, piano and bass, lyrics, with enclosed cd. Edition Dansk Sang 2008

forside label


Hosianna - 9 songs for childrens choir , own label 2007 - with Ny Vor Frue Kirkes Childrens choir,
Søren Birkelund, clarinet - Mikkel Tiedt, double bass - Anders Hvidberg-Hansen, percussion - Hanne Tofte Jespersen, piano

Insektudsigten, own label / distribution Gateway 2006



has recorded with :

Agoro Band: Edwuma Edwuma (Cope Records Copecd 013, 2001)


Twerammpon Traditionals: Message from the Rainforest (Agoro Rec.Productions, MC, 1994)

Twerammpon Traditionals: Yerudum Ogya (Agoro Rec.Productions, MC, 1994)

represented on:

Danish World Awards 2003 (Djembe 2003)

World Music from Denmark '99 (MXPCD 0299)



Insektudsigten booklet for cd 2006


Navnefesten -. Levende Musik i Skolen, 2003

Hvis du var Esi Ata - webbased teaching material. On the daily life of children in Ghana and on Ghanaian music. and Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke 2000.

Man skal høre meget (ed) Cph., Chr.Ejlers Forlag 1988, 2.edition 1993